14 May 2013

Eurovision 2013: Switzerland: You & Me

The Swiss entrants for Eurovision have been waiting since mid-December to go on stage and perform their entry, You and Me. During that time, the name of the group has had to be changed. They are now Takasa, rather than Heilsarmee (Salvation Army), due to an EBU ruling concerning religious and political content.

However, the content of the song is very much in keeping with the theme of this year's Contest: We Are One. It's nothing like what one would expect from a Salvation Army band, expect that the lyrics have a message of "unity in shared values":
Let it hear from near and far 
This is how it’s meant to be 
We’re together you and me
This rock ballad zips along nicely, with a memorable refrain and an anthemic chorus. I foresee lots of arm waving in the crowd along with a substantial amount of televotes. It should qualify easily for the final, but I don't see it worrying the current front runners for the trophy.

Switzerland also have the advantage of performing as the penultimate act (16th) in the second semi-final on May 16.

How well do you think the Swiss song will place?


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  1. I like "You and Me" but I think it is not particularly memorable. It benefits from being in the more open SF2 and singing second to last but there are stronger entries out there and I have a feeling it might just miss out on the Final. It may come down to relying on other acts not performing well...

    If it does make it to the Final, a high position on the right hand side of the board is the best it can hope for...


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