17 April 2013

Eurovision 2013: Belarus: Solayoh

Alyona Lanskaya

Having been disqualified from the 2012 event, Alyona Lanskaya has returned to Eurovision in 2013 with the song Solayoh.

It seems tradition dictates that Belarus will change its original Eurovision choice and so it is not a surprise that it has happened again this year. Having selected Rhythm of Love at the Belarusian national final, news came in March that the local broadcaster had discarded that song in favour of Solayoh.

Written by Mark Paelinck and Martin King, it is typical Eurovision fodder. Latin influenced pop that will have the audience on its feet in Malmö, the song is certainly catchy and will no doubt remain in voters' minds.  The live version I heard (below) did not sound too good. Ms Lanskaya's vocals are all over the place, but perhaps she'll pull things together for her semi-final performance.

Solayoh is one of a handful of uptempo songs this year and has an excellent chance of progressing to the final. A top 15 placing, perhaps.

All will be revealed on May 14 when Alyona Lanskaya performs the song in eleventh place of the first semi-final. 7/10.


Image By Serge Serebro, Vitebsk Popular News (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. For me, this will tick all the right boxes for Eurovision - instantly catchy, a performance worth watching and if she can sing it well Belarus will qualify for the Final. It also helps she is after the nightmare that is Lithuania's entry and before the change in pace that is Moldova.

    I don't think it will trouble the favourites too much in the Final, a mid-table placing perhaps at best...


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