07 February 2012

Eurovision 2012: Sinplus: Unbreakable

Has it really been a year since I last posted here? Well, the new Eurovision season is well under way and several songs have now been announced.

One of the earliest to be decided was from Switzerland who are sending Sinplus to Baku with the song Unbreakable. This year the Swiss are going with some rock driven pop, not unlike a throwaway track from Irish legends U2.

Generally, these type of songs either do very well or completely bomb. If we look at the Turkish entries from the past few years, they've sent similar rock numbers which have fared very well.

One advantage for the Swiss is that Sinplus are pretty well known across Europe, so this shouldn't harm the group's chances in securing a Final spot. Is it the winner? Probably not. But, I've a feeling it will go down well with voters and see Switzerland back nearer the top of the scoreboard than in recent years.

What do you think?

Unbreakable is available on Sinplus' album Disinformation.

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