14 March 2018

My Lucky Day / DoReDos / Moldova | Review

DoReDos / Moldova / Eurovision 2018
Moldova: will it be a lucky day for DoReDos?
Moldova is one of the Eurovision nations which seem to have the ability to concoct wacky, unforgettable creations – from competition hits Zdob și Zdub and their pointy hats to 2013’s entry from Aliona Moon with her dress that had a mind of its own.

Flag Moldova
As a result, they were rarely seen outside the Grand Final – though they failed to qualify for three consecutive years between 2014 and 2016. Sunstroke Project saved the day in 2017 by giving Moldova its highest placing of third. However, it now rests on DoReDos' shoulders to maintain the momentum in 2018 with My Lucky Day.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the highest expectation for the trio. My Lucky Day certainly brings the party atmosphere, but it reminds me of one of those cheesy parties from the 1980s that you'd rather forget. It's a tune you'd expect to hear blasting from a Mediterranean hotel resort, late in the evening, just as the drunken festivities are coming to a close - think Benidorm circa 1985.

Luckily for Moldova, though, Romania, Russia and the Ukraine are in their semi, so at least they are not without their most dependable voting allies.

I'm pretty sure their points aren't going to help, though. Based purely on the fact that it’s probably their weakest song since 2014 and that semi-final 2 could well be a bloodbath, it's not much of a risk to put this one down as a non-qualifier. Sadly, not their lucky day.

Artist: DoReDos
Song: My Lucky Day 
Semi-Final 2 | First Half

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